lundi 26 octobre 2009


salam aleykoum wa rahmatullah barakatouh sisters!!

I want to share something with you...something soooo good and tasty!
You will probably go "ewwwwwww" when i'll say what it is but you really need to give it a try!

First let me tell you how it all started!
My aunt is really into organic food, she really is cautious about what she eats and only eats things full of vitamines, anti cancer foods (yes there is food that will prevent cancer).
So she was getting her food ready when i saw this!!!

And yes i went " eewww COD LIVER ewwww" how on earth can you even think about buying this???????
After convicing me to give it a try i was like "Uuhhhhmmmm give me more this is good"
On toasted bread, wheat is better!

Here are some of the benefits of cod liver and oil:

- Healthy skin
- Strong bones and teeth
- Healthy joints
- A healthy cardiovascular system
- A healthy nervous system and prevention of depression and other mood disorders
- A healthy lining for your digestive tract

No mentioning that it is full of Omega3. These are essential for the healthy function of the brain, the heart, the joints, the digestive system and many other systems of the body.

And vitamin E content, which helps the body process the fatty acids, is an essential antioxidant and promotes the health of the skin and the hair.

See, Allah sws gave us so many good things to take good care of our body is such a natural way! El sisters give it a try!!


malizea said...

OO thank for the recipe I will give it a try inchallah!! O and I've try your tip for smooth hands and it turns soooo great!! thank U sistaaa :-8

♥ Arab Mania ♥ said...

Looks good !