dimanche 25 octobre 2009

Alsalam aleykoum sisters :)

First of all i would like to thank you all for welcoming my blog so nicely. Im glad you like it and are interested in my adventures...
Also, i want to make it clear that i am not dissing Gulf air and bahrainis in any kind of ways. I am writting about my own and personal experience and opinion. Everything i will write about is true even if surprising.

As soon as i reached Manama my 2 months training started! looong and interesting.
3 french, 1 half french half spanish, 2 spanish, 4 romanian girls. That was my class...The worst IT ever from what instructors told us.

As fast as we starting introducing ourself (some were not even able to introduce themselves lol) our first instructor named me the leader of the IT. I was in charge of the group.I didnt mind it so much, what i minded was the whispers after the instructor's decision. They were already talking about me on day 1. Girls...*shakes head*

During the week days, we had a curfew that no one was respecting including me, 11pm ...!The building i lived in was a residence for cabin crew AND guest house for trainees. It was chaotic. lots of girls were complaning about the noise...loud music...parties going on all days and night.
Some were parties animals, some seemed to have no limits, some were drunk 10h on 24, others were experimenting the first time away from family and some were just loud!

A match man? yeah sure he was definetely watching but not the door... the second one was just a shadow of the first one! USELESS....but lets just call them "phone cards sellers". Their presence did not stop men from going into the building, and it certainly did not stop women to bring them.

Once that i moved out of this building i wasnt surprised to hear that this watch man was caught with more than 200 bottles of alcohol in his room. "i'll close my eyes for a bottle of wisky (please prounonced "visky")lol...
He got fired, put in jail then sent back to india...home sweet home!

Computers were downstairs so you could see who was going in and out, how and with who. Girls were going down to check their montly roster and emails in sleeping clothes as short as a simple tank top and a boxer! So of course in front of the building you could see all kind of men.
The lobby was always busy, girls were either waiting their pickup for a flight, waiting for a computer to check you planning, buy phone cards...or chit chatting about last night party...

And that's the place where i have started knowing the real Bahrain...