lundi 26 octobre 2009

Salam aleykoum my sisters!
The training was coming to an end.
I was waking up at 5:30 am, pick up at 7am...and used to be out at around 4pm! Long days...and thats how i looked at the end!

i was very motivated during the whole training but i was soooo tired. I didnt want to fail and be sent back home!
But el hemdulilah i passed all my tests even the emergency evacuation one!! Where theres smoke, no light and you have to evacuate people in less than 90sec out of the plane.

I got my wings on December 25th. The wings day is the most important day, it is what everybody is talking about during the whole training! It is the day where you get your wings to put in you uniform and you diploma attesting that you are qualified to fly. We were told on the first day of the training to prepare a show for our graduation day.

Wings to put on my jacket

It was a whole mess to get all the girls together. One was doing her nails when when was sleeping and the other one moving to another building!! The night before we all agreed to do something about christmas. When we finally ended up being all together, everybody was fighting ahahahaha when i remember it...ahahahah it makes me laugh!! But anyways we ended up doing something really original. And the cabin crew manager told us it was the best presentation he's ever seen since he was in Gulfair! we were really proud.
Just to give you an idea of what im talking about...what we did was different but this is just an idea so you know what im talking about :)

i'd like to warm some sisters that this video has music.

The training was over and the most exciting moment was now to discover my fam flight! where would i go to? Everybody was scared to get Dakka in Bengladesh (it is consider one of the worse gulf air destination) what i was really praying for was PARIS!!! so i could fly home to see my family even for just 12h rest!!
what i got waaassss...... *rolling drum* JEDDAH K.S.A

I was happy to go to K.S.A for my first flight but disapointed because its only a 2h flight...i wanted a longer flight with a night stop!But el hemdulilah ...after all i thought it was better for my first flight to be short so i can at least come back home and tell my friends how it went.

It was early/ late at night! My pick up time was 3 something am so i didnt really sleep...

Ready to take my pick up at 3 something in the morning...i was stressed and worried to fail the briefing where they ask you a bunch of questions about security, safety or 1st aid! When i reached the briefing room everything went fine el hemdulilah...all heading to the airport it felt so wierd to walking in uniform with people staring at me at us. And by staring i mean STARE! Maybe i felt it because it was my first time in uniform walking with the whole crew!

As i got in the plane i had my security check to do supervised by the cabin manager everything went well el hemdulilah. Once i reached Jeddah as i was checking my door

subhanallah these questions came to my mind, what am i doing here? what is this life im running after? why am i not home married taking care of my children? I wonderd if my dad allah yer7mo would be proud to see me doing this...this never came to my mind before. Since this first flight everything became different.


teacher nur said...

*smile* you remind me of the years when i was flying for EK. I had the same thought as you did. I can only hope and pray that you stick to your values. The life of inflight crews is full of temptation *grins*, i'm sure you know what i mean :)

Sansan said...

salam aleykoum :) ah im glad you understand me! id love to hear about your experience!
I know exactly what you mean ahah... *winks*