samedi 31 octobre 2009

desperate housewife but not a wife yet...

So today im sad, and ive been sad for the last couples of days thats why i didnt feel like writting.

Do you ever feel like things are not going your no matter how you try you feel things will not change. And if you complaing you will sound ungrateful so you keep it inside...and your heart get heavier and heavier each day...

It is taking so much time for husband to be to bring me in Abu dhabi...and get everything settle. And time here is going soooo slow as i am not working. We agreed that i would not be working in a mix place so theres not much (if not nothing) to do. AND im gaining weight of course...staying at home can be depressing when you have nothing to do.

This is all so different from what im used to. From a busy life flying everywhere to staying at home, looking fat. DEPRESSING!!


Skye said...

salaamz sis
you poor thing =(
insha'allah it all works out
i guess all i can say is
have sabr..
ill keep u in my dua sis


Sansan said...

barakallahoufik sister!
thanks for cheering me up :)
Sabr are right!
love ur blogs btw! :)