mercredi 21 octobre 2009

i can do it

salam aleykoum sisters :)

i have been following many blogs, and you know how it is. You start reading, then you follow and have to check you favorites blogs everyday and get disapointed when nothing new has been published lol! Then you start thinking uhm..what if i started my own blog?

That why i asked my fiance. I wanted to make sure he wouldnt see anything wrong with that. He laughed and said yes. I was wondering why he was laughing at me...when i found out he didnt think i would be consistent about it, that it was just a phase...!!! that made me so grrr...that it actually made me want to make a blog even more :p

Anyways sisters, i hope you'll like it and that we'll be able to interact together inshaallah =)