jeudi 22 octobre 2009

time for introduction...

salam aleykoum


This introduction thing is the moment whether u'll feel like my blog worth reading and therefore become a follower or find is useless, boring and click on the cross on the right top of the window to do something better lol.

Ahh here i am, telling you all about me.

Im algerian but i was born and raised in Paris france...i grew up in a "muslim" family, im using quotes because except my gd dad allah yer7mo and gd mom (they raise me so i will call them dad and mom ) nobody was really practicing. Fasting ramadan is one of the only thing they do... praying was/is not considerd a must for the rest of the family. My (gd) parents tried hard but no one really showed interest...and living in France certainly did not help.

Anyways, ive always been interested in Islam since i was young, and i used to go to a coranic school every sunday! My sister and i didnt like it at aaaaaaaalll!! this teacher used to beat us up until we bleed!! so after begging my mom for months we finally stopped going...el hemdulilah! we were too young to handle this hard way of teaching!

Whats with those so called teachers?? you cant learn anything when fear is tetanizing you!

I lived in the US for a while. I was supposed to studdy but came back home with nothing but a bitter taste for americans. No offense to anyone but it was hard to have a real conversation with anyone, not mentioning people my age! Questioning me on how long it took me driving from paris france to NY? uuuh uuh! or saying that Algeria was near Perou!! heelloooooo!! Ahahah...

Back home i then decided to be a flight attendant...and became one! i flew to many interesting places :) I was still a cabin crew 2 months ago. Working for Gulfair. I was based in manama in the kingdom of Bahrain. That was a very interesting experience for me. It gave me the opportinuty to go places i would have never been such as Dakkah in Bengladesh but most of all it gave me the best opportunity to learn about myself.
We do carry a lot of pervert and it has been a pain for me to get a trouser! they would only allow me to wear a skirt ...
Sitting on the jumpseat some passengers would always try to get a sneak pee at something they:
1) cant see
2) should not want to see

I will tell you more about this whole part of my life soon inshallah :)
Im glad im not a cabin crew anymore though, its a relief! Although in the past i used to think it would be career for me and not only a job!

I am thankful to Allah for bringing me to the right path and renforcing my iman.


malizea said...

Mashallah welcome on blogger world! I am quite hasty to read the rest of your story keep your blog up!!!

Sansan said...

ah Jazakallah Khair malizea! everything is so new for me here ahah!
I will keep posting about this whole adventure inshallah :)