vendredi 23 octobre 2009

salam aleykoum to all of you!!

im so excited about sharing this little story of mine...ok ok it might not be THAT exciting to most of you but heyyyyy let me have my moment!
Ive been wearing hijab in paris for 2 days el hemdulilah...(hey gotta start somewhere)
As i was walking in the street yesterday, a lady wearing hijab passed by me and greeted me with a salam aleykoum! I had this warm feeling in my heart! then it happend again, and again in the same day!
Im sure it happend to you, did you feel the same?? tell me about your first time going out wear it! i would love to hear about your stories sisters :)

Not sure my family get it! they think its the cold that makes me cover silly!
I've been telling them about my wish to finaly cover up but they dont take me seriously and are even trying to convice me that hijab is not a must, that women fought to take it off...telling me on how hard it will be to wear it here in a country like France.
Anyhow, im going to wear it no matter what inshallah.
Beyond all this i feel very hurt because my dad allah yer7mo was always teaching us the blessing of Islam, the right path. And now that he's gone i feel like no one of my family truly understand me and over all dont understand Islam.

Allah yhdihoum wa yhdina Amine.


malizea said...

Mashallah congratulation for your hijab!! for my part I started wearing hijab at 13 years old now I am 22. at the beginning my mother was against it, but now she is wearing also the hijab :-) al hamdoulillah I hope your familly will understand and respect your choise but no matter what just keep it and put your trust in Allah!

Sansan said...

13 mashallah!!! cest trop bien que ta maman le porte aussi, inshallah un jour ma mere le portera aussi meme si en ce moment elle essaie de m'en dissuader plus qu'autre chose!
Se serait sympa d'apprendre a se connaitre!
a bientot inshallah

Princess said...

Salam sis! it's my first time on your blog and i really like it! I can understand what your going through with your dad, Allah yrhamo because just three months ago, my mom passed away as well, Allah yrhamha. just stay strong because surely that's what your dad would have wanted and surely he will be proud of you for wanting to learn more about Islam. Mabrook on wearing the hijab! <3 <3

teacher nur said...

I hope I am not the last one to congratulate you for your strong will to put on the hijab. When I first started wearing it, I too had the same sinister / sarcastic remarks made on me. But what made me went ahead with it was, despite the fact that it is a MUST thing to do, the prophet SAW also said (and it means), Islam starts as something strange because it came in the middle of jahilliyah and Islam will end as something strange too as the world will live in jahilliyah. Therefore, those who lives in strange (islam) will be the most fortunate.


i pray that you'll be strong in your faith, insyaAllah