dimanche 19 décembre 2010

back to bengladesh

Today, as i was cleaning my computer and found some of the pictures i took from dakka bengladesh. I thought i'd share them with you all :)

Dakka airport, bengladesh

An old lady, knocking at the window for food/money (Dakka)

A mother, asking us to take her son...

A young boy barefoot, running behind our shuttle

Local taxi

Kids working on shoes

This man was showering in the street and washing his clothes

This kid told me he was asked by his dada to go get food for his family...

Sleeping woman...i remember wondering if she was still alive

So many people were sleeping in the street...and some of same naked.

I was surprise to see people living in this building although it looks like it was going to fall apart in any minute

This experience made me realize how thanful i should be to ALLAH سبحانه وتعالى for everything He has giving me and keep giving me everyday

samedi 18 décembre 2010


I dont know if im mad or sad. $11 millions for an artificial christmas tree decorated with jewelery!

Extravagance at its worst


GIIIIIRLS!!!! i know that lately in my post ive been saying that i miss my old job etc BUT theres 1 thing that i dont miss at all and thats PACKING!!! i hate it sooooo much!!!
As ive told you before, im moving to Abu dhabi to finaly be with my husband =) but i feel like taking my whole house! i know they have everything there...but i'll have to buy again. I feel its stupid to leave my things behind to buy them again! But im only allowed to 90kg :(
I decided to make 4 suitcases of 22kg each.
1 with shoes. My shoes collection itself takes too many kilos.
1 with my everyday clothes (1 suitcase is surely not enough)
1 with my 7 wedding dresses, the white wedding dress with be on of my too many carry on luggages ( i can already see the flight attendant rolling her eyes at me, and avoiding eye contact so i dont ask for help! eheh yes thats what i did sometimes).
1 with my beauty products.
 I feel so annoyed with the whole thing that ive just stopped packing!


I loooove red lips and red nails!! When i was flying, grooming was so important, and back then it use to pain such an annoying thing to do your nails almost every day. Opening cans etc was always messing up the polish. If you didnt have your nails done you could get a warning letter. Now i miss it. You know what they say "you dont miss your water until the well runs dry" :p  As for the lips, whats great about the red is that you dont have to keep putting more because it doesnt face away as fast as other colors.
...i think it brights up face and hands/feet! look

 Its so neat :)

Make up


A Muslim businesswoman has launched Britain’s first range of halal make-up, free from alcohol and animal products.

Samina Akhter set up Samina Pure Make-up from her home in Birmingham after questioning the ingredients of many High Street make-up products.


Under Islamic law, alcohol and certain meats are forbidden. Pork especially, so Akhter was shocked to learn that some of the products she used contained fatty acids and gelatin from pigs.

“As a Muslim, I was questioning what I was putting on my skin,” Akhter said. “I wanted to know whether it was permissible in Islam.”

samina akhter

Akhter’s lipsticks and eyeliners are made from plant extracts, minerals, essential oils and vitamins.

“Many Muslim women like me have been frustrated by wanting to look good and follow their faith,” Akhter said.

Interest in the range has been shown as far as Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore.


 for more infos

vendredi 17 décembre 2010

a good laugh!

*ROTF* i miss my funny passengers!

jeudi 16 décembre 2010

Niqabi crew

I sometimes miss flying, mainly the adrenaline i had each time my purser would say "cabin crew sit for take off" and " cabin crew prepare for landing". The feeling i had when the aircraft was climbing higher and higher in the sky...A lot of friends or family members couldnt believe that i actually loved that feeling.

Lots of flight attendants miss the sky when they quit...and many of them go back to it!
As i was forcing myself to sleep last night, i thought what if we had an "islamic airline"! Imagine, flights attendant wearing abayas and niqabs, hallal food, a men/women cabin!! A proper place to pray, instead of praying in the galley, next to the restrooms or even on your seat. Wouldnt that be great? Flights to Jedda were always so delayed due passengers not wanting to seat next to this man or this woman, that would make it so much easier for everyone....
As much as i can try to make this job right, it will never be because women cant travel alone (thanks to hubby for reminding me every day grrr)

mercredi 15 décembre 2010

big news

salam aleykoum!

first of all i must apology to all my readers (if you're not all gone by now lol) i havent post for soo sooo long! BUT i have a good excuse!! i had my wedding to prepare, and i did everything on my own including the jacket to cover my arms/neck and my hijab that was not really a hijjab (i will post picture of it as soon as i can), flowers, koosha... I was just so so so busy! but elhemdulilah my wedding is over and im officialy married to the best husband ever <3

Well, its not really over, we're having another wedding in uae for his relatives in a few weeks, but this time im not taking care of anything, and i must say that its really nice!!

Im moving to Abu dhabi really soon. Im so excited about it, ive been married for 1month and a half and that was the last time i saw my husband! :(

We decided to go to 3omra as soon as the 2nd wedding party will be over! YAY!! its "no big deal" to him because hes been so many times mashallah but it will be my first time :)
As for the honeymoon, we still didnt find a place that we both agree on except that we want to go to Asia :-/

I will start wearing niqab very soon so all places with beaches etc...are of no use for us! Dont you wish sometimes you could swim, go to the beach/pool alone or with your husband...BUT with no one else around!? impossible to find such a place because its an open place! grrr that is something ive been missing a lot from my old life...the feeling you get when you jump into the water!