samedi 18 décembre 2010


GIIIIIRLS!!!! i know that lately in my post ive been saying that i miss my old job etc BUT theres 1 thing that i dont miss at all and thats PACKING!!! i hate it sooooo much!!!
As ive told you before, im moving to Abu dhabi to finaly be with my husband =) but i feel like taking my whole house! i know they have everything there...but i'll have to buy again. I feel its stupid to leave my things behind to buy them again! But im only allowed to 90kg :(
I decided to make 4 suitcases of 22kg each.
1 with shoes. My shoes collection itself takes too many kilos.
1 with my everyday clothes (1 suitcase is surely not enough)
1 with my 7 wedding dresses, the white wedding dress with be on of my too many carry on luggages ( i can already see the flight attendant rolling her eyes at me, and avoiding eye contact so i dont ask for help! eheh yes thats what i did sometimes).
1 with my beauty products.
 I feel so annoyed with the whole thing that ive just stopped packing!

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