dimanche 19 décembre 2010

back to bengladesh

Today, as i was cleaning my computer and found some of the pictures i took from dakka bengladesh. I thought i'd share them with you all :)

Dakka airport, bengladesh

An old lady, knocking at the window for food/money (Dakka)

A mother, asking us to take her son...

A young boy barefoot, running behind our shuttle

Local taxi

Kids working on shoes

This man was showering in the street and washing his clothes

This kid told me he was asked by his dada to go get food for his family...

Sleeping woman...i remember wondering if she was still alive

So many people were sleeping in the street...and some of same naked.

I was surprise to see people living in this building although it looks like it was going to fall apart in any minute

This experience made me realize how thanful i should be to ALLAH سبحانه وتعالى for everything He has giving me and keep giving me everyday


Ms. M said...

Ahmm.. its the same here in my country.. theres a lot of street here that you will see a lot of street children and asking for money or food....so sad coz at their young age they live in that kind of miserable situation..

Yasmeen said...

Assalamu Alaikum! Oh my gosh! That's so sad! :( It really made me cry. I couldn't imagine being in a situation like that :( Now I realize how I really should be thankful for Allah (swt) has given me and many others! These images will always be in my head while praying as I pray for those in times of crisis. Jazak Allah Kahrun, sister, for sharing these! You have a great blog, masha'allah! :)

NOTE: My dad is from Dhaka, Bangladesh too. ><


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