mercredi 15 décembre 2010

big news

salam aleykoum!

first of all i must apology to all my readers (if you're not all gone by now lol) i havent post for soo sooo long! BUT i have a good excuse!! i had my wedding to prepare, and i did everything on my own including the jacket to cover my arms/neck and my hijab that was not really a hijjab (i will post picture of it as soon as i can), flowers, koosha... I was just so so so busy! but elhemdulilah my wedding is over and im officialy married to the best husband ever <3

Well, its not really over, we're having another wedding in uae for his relatives in a few weeks, but this time im not taking care of anything, and i must say that its really nice!!

Im moving to Abu dhabi really soon. Im so excited about it, ive been married for 1month and a half and that was the last time i saw my husband! :(

We decided to go to 3omra as soon as the 2nd wedding party will be over! YAY!! its "no big deal" to him because hes been so many times mashallah but it will be my first time :)
As for the honeymoon, we still didnt find a place that we both agree on except that we want to go to Asia :-/

I will start wearing niqab very soon so all places with beaches etc...are of no use for us! Dont you wish sometimes you could swim, go to the beach/pool alone or with your husband...BUT with no one else around!? impossible to find such a place because its an open place! grrr that is something ive been missing a lot from my old life...the feeling you get when you jump into the water!


Ms. M said...

hello dear! Welcome back... Belated Congratulations to you.. and Best wishes.. Im happy to hear your good news..btw, thanks for the greetings.takecare always..

malizea said...

Wooo congrats girl! may Allah bless your wedding!! xoxo