jeudi 16 décembre 2010

Niqabi crew

I sometimes miss flying, mainly the adrenaline i had each time my purser would say "cabin crew sit for take off" and " cabin crew prepare for landing". The feeling i had when the aircraft was climbing higher and higher in the sky...A lot of friends or family members couldnt believe that i actually loved that feeling.

Lots of flight attendants miss the sky when they quit...and many of them go back to it!
As i was forcing myself to sleep last night, i thought what if we had an "islamic airline"! Imagine, flights attendant wearing abayas and niqabs, hallal food, a men/women cabin!! A proper place to pray, instead of praying in the galley, next to the restrooms or even on your seat. Wouldnt that be great? Flights to Jedda were always so delayed due passengers not wanting to seat next to this man or this woman, that would make it so much easier for everyone....
As much as i can try to make this job right, it will never be because women cant travel alone (thanks to hubby for reminding me every day grrr)