samedi 7 novembre 2009

dont touch my heels pleeeeeaaase!

I love wearing heels but my fiance doesnt allow me to! He says that the way i walk when i wear heels is bad. I think he means that the way i carry myself is different...Well of course! No women walk the same with heels and without heels!! And i really dont get it because my shoes are hide under my long abaya!!
i need to convince him ...

Not fair, i really like wearing heels...



Sansan said...
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Ma Vie & Etc said...

WOOOHOO! It's works! Finally! I was freaking out thinking, I couldn't comment no more.

Back to the topic

I don't think he'll mind the high heels...if you wore them only for him ;)

Sansan said...

ahaha i dont know what went wrong, really!

Yeah well that he wouldnt mind for sure LOL...but id like to wear them in my everyday life (outside).
I think theres nothing to negociate, its a big no no!

Princess said...

yaaay i can finally proclaim my luv for heels in your comment box!!..... i LUUUUUV heels!!!!! lol..... ok now back to reality, yeah if the fiance says it's a no no then yeah, there's really no way around it. but at least you can wear em around him, he's all that matters to you anyhow so, it's okay! :D

Umm Afraz said...

Assalaamu Alaikum wa Rahmathullahi wa Barakaathuhu.

I just came upon your blog, and thought I will comment.

Anywho..oh yeah, I LOVVEEE heels too...and during the time I was wearing heels, I didn't really find any difference between the two (with heels and without heels) with regards to the way of walking...but, during pregnancy and thereafter, I couldn't wear heels (fear of falling, bad posture while carrying baby, etc.), and it was then I realized the difference...and surely, it does NOT look good..

I have seen (complete) abhaya-clad ladies who wear high heels/stilletos, and believe me, they don't look could very well see (and I mean, unintentionally see) their b*tt sticking out.

Insha Allah, the following links might help:

Wassalaamu Alaikum wa Rahmathullahi wa Barakaathuhu.