lundi 2 novembre 2009

My name is

Nice to meet you, Im Amina and you?
Im Jessica (not my real name but my real name can easily be in that catergorie)
Jessica??? but thats not a muslim name!!
I know..
Are you half french half arab? or something else?
No my whole family is arab, im arab....(smiling to hide my irritation. Ive been asked this for years)
But why Jessica then?
Well...i didnt get to choose my name, did you choose yours AMINA? (cant hide it anymore)
No eheeh but im arab with a muslim name. Strange, you should think about changing it into a muslim name!

GGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.......i have been asked about my name for 26 years now and im annoyed with this! I do not have a muslim name, but i have the name my parents gave me and im proud to have it. A different name would not make me more muslim, it doesnt represent my iman or anything! If i was called myriam would that make my faith stronger? would i love Allah more? Would i fear my lord more? Would i pray more? jessica, linda, amina or kimberly its all the same.
Unless someone prove me that it is haram i will stick to my name :p


malizea said...

Pfff we muslim are so stick to useless things!! the name is not important in islam for my part of course I will give an name of sahaba or propet to my children, but if your name is jessica what's the problem by the way my brother's wife is call pamela sooo what's the problem lol!!

Sansan said...

ahahah :) thank you're always good at cheering me up!

pamela! ahah see people!! names dont matterrrrr!!