mercredi 4 novembre 2009


Salam aleykoum sisters :)

im going to need your help...Im thinking about my honeymoon and dont really know where to go. Not because im picky but because i want to go somewhere i feel comfortable wearing my niqab (yes by then i think i will have made the big step inshallah) and somewhere quiet but where its not only sand and beach.
A muslim country would be great...

Inshallah we will do omra and then travel somewhere

some really nice pictures

You better not forget the salt eheh

Any ideas sisters?


Princess said...

oOooOh Omra will be soo nice Insha'Allah. mmmmm i hear Turkey is beautiful but i've never been there myself. you can go anywhere n be happy when you're around the right person! <3 <3

malizea said...

omara is greatt!!! maldives Island seem great for my part I would go to abu dhabi cause I miss there so much!!! but you tell me that your fiance is there sOoOo... go somewhere else and those pics are beautifullll make me hasty to find the right one :-((

Ma Vie & Etc said...

Like already stated you could go to the Maldives, Turkey or Morocco. But it doesn't matter so long as your in a nice place with you soon to be hubby and you guys enjoy the birth of your marriage together! :) <3

Sansan said...

I agree with all of you sisters! As long as we are together we will be having a great time inshallah!
@princess: Turkey...not far enough ahaha :p

@malizea: yes he is from A.D which is great because i love this place, I read that you love it too! inshallah you'll come visit more often!
Maldives are nice but wouldnt that be frustrating that i can go swim in those wonderful beaches!? i wonder

@ma vie: Marocco? uhm too close...ahaha i will think about the maldives

I do not want to sound picky but when u've travelled the world if you dont spend at least 6h in a plane then you feel like you are at home! am i making sense? lol