mercredi 4 novembre 2009

Where did i land part 2

In part 1 wasnt so interesting but i felt like i had to write it so you really get the whole picture of the story.

My friend and i were intrigued about these girls. Although my friend was being pushy about going ring at her door, i didnt want to. What was wierd to me is that Ashraf stopped talking as soon as she saw my friend coming. I wondered why...

The weekend was there and my friends and i felt like going to the city center mall. Aaah where was the athan in malls??? i never heard it in any malls of bahrain! So my friends and i were going in forever21 when i saw Amina walking alone with tones of shopping bags! Having a hard time walking with her heels...

I turned my head as soon as i saw her. I was embarassed, didnt know if she saw me or not. To be honest i didnt want to go to her. The mall was soooo crowded, and bahrain is soooo small. It may sound bad to you but i didnt want to be connected to her in any kind of ways. With the luck i have, she of course saw me and came up to! My friends disapeared in a heartbeat LOL!!!

- ah Jessica she said!! bahrain is sooo small!
Yes too small sometimes i thought

- How are you habooba? and how is flying? 7abooba uhm ok lol...she was still in training so she wanted to know all about my first flights...She was talking and i was walking along, didnt want to be standing in the middle of the mall, if you know what i mean. So i enterd the first store i saw, i thought it would be better.

- Im fine el hemdulilah, flying is good...things are different from the training school, but dont worry u'll pass all your exams inshallah and start flying soon.

- Yes inshallah! So any luck finding something you like??

- Well, they have some nice things but its a lot more expensive than Paris, a lot more, and you know ive just been flying my pay check is not at the highest i try to be raisonable. But i see that you've have had luck. Looking at her bags (and at her breast almost hanging out)

- Ahaha you are so cute...are you short of cash?

- not really im fine el hemdulilah i just need to not spend on things i dont really need :)

- El hemdulilah but you could make things easier on you if u want

- What do you mean...

- Take my number and call me! we'll find time to talk about it...her phone rang! Yalla i have to go she said, i have a party tonight! bye bye habooba.

I took the number thinking i'd never call....I then looked around me, i was in MAC make up store. Why so many men then? aaaaah.....ok i understood....they all disapared when she left!At this point, i had my ideas on what was all her parties about (well so i thought) i just didnt think girls wouldnt try to hide it better. On my way home with my friends, i of course had to give a full gossip report *again*

Call as soon as we get home they said!! nooooooooo i kept saying! why would i call! its evident...And shes going to a party anyways! Its the weekend all saudi qatari and koweiti men are in town one of my friend said...

2 days later Ashraf and her friend Amina (the famous girl making VIP parties) knocked at my door. I was surprised...i was sleeping when they came. Middle of the day...She introduced me to Amina. We all started to talk about work and bahrain, on how much money we were paid. Amina sounded very bossy toward Ashraf, she has been flying for years Amina was new. They told me they knew each other before coming to Bahrain, both from casablanca morocco. Ashraf helped her to get the job to move to the gulf...
Well after this chit chat girls. Amina asked me about my love life, what i thought about men in the gulf...i told her i didnt have a good opinion of them really. Men who come in bahrain come to "have fun"...thinking all women and mainly expat are easy to get with just a drink.
Thats when Amina told me "let same think you are easy who cares, just get the easy cash"
i was just stunned to hear that!

Listen she said, we do nothing bad, we just make our lives easy. They want to have fun and we need money. All we do in dance in bikini and get paid! they wont harm you...most of them are old!

IS SHE ASKING ME TO BE A PROSTITUTE??? astaghfirullah!!!!!!!!

At this point i was soooo i dont know what i was! i got speechless for a minute! all i was thinking about was why did they ask me!?? i dont not look like i would do that (if theres a look for that), im not provocative in any kind of ways, im new so its not like they heard lies about me...i was just so shocked and mad!

When i realized what they were asking me. I told them to leave my flat and to never come back. Amina, told me, it is your lost!! u'll never make so much money even if you fly 27/7! think about it darling!


Ashraf asked me not to tell this to anyone of course....ahah yeah right! i warned my friends about them! Later i heard that Amina was known for spotting newbies and get them enrolled with this nasty business.

Some girls of my group started doing with men they would meet in clubs. And they were very open about it...

It saddens me to see girls who have been brought up in practicing muslims families with good values forget all about it and Allah when money is involved.

May Allah guide them & us to the right path, and make us stronger to fight the sheitan.


ps: i am not only reffering to morrocan. It happens that the women who came up to me are from there.


Mon Vie & Etc said...

Astagfirullah!! Wow that is some craziness. And the funny thing is that she acts as this is perfectly okay.

Ameen, to that sister

:) <3

malizea said...

OMG that's crazy!! yurk!! I understand you were shocked!!! soubhanallah working in cabin crew is more hard than what I thought!! yurk this is nasty may Allah guide them amine.